Welcome You Guys!

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Hi everyone, glad to see you made it over to the new blog page! As I become more organized, and as I try out new products, I will be posting more on the blog. I have been blessed to make 13 months post relaxer, (yay me!) and I am curious as to what the future holds for my hair. What styles will I perfect? How will I keep the moisture in my strands? It’s definitely going to be a journey! It’s so comforting to know you guys will be taking the journey with me. My goal is to reach MBL (midback length) so, this should be interesting! lol I will try to get more accurate when showing you guys my length checks. I won’t be doing the shirt off type check that you so frequently see on youtube! (just not for me) Maybe I will look into purchasing an actual length check t-shirt from one of the hair forums (k.i.s.s or hairlicious inc.) In the meantime, you’ll just have to take my word for it! Hey, I have no reason to lead you on! I know my blog seems a little on the “not finished” side, because…well, it’s not. I will be updating my blog, so bare with me. Look for videos to come as well. Until Next time you guys, happy blogging and again WELCOME BACK!

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