My “Reality Check” Date Night

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So our central air in our home has apologized, but “just can’t take us any further” during this scorcher of a summer. I am laying across the bed trying to get some relief from the heat when my husband comes in (I suppose feeling sorry for me) and says “If we could go out tomorrow night, would you feel like going?” I turn around and gave him an “are you kidding me?!” look. He has arranged for the children to be taken care of, and I am just impressed! So, of course, this is my opportunity to get all cute for the hubby! Or is it? That darn ac unit! I am sweating like crazy, and it is absolutely no way my hair is going to hold up! But wait a minute…..when has my good ol pincurl set ever failed me? Umm……try August 5, 2011! It was just too hot!!! So, I don’t give up,but my curls are tighter than usual. I literally, look like I am wearing an afro. The hubby insists I look fine. I take his word for it. I do notice a few sistas giving me glances while eating my NY Strip and shrimps, but the whole time my husband is smiling at me? We finish our meal, and he says he has to make a stop at Walmart, so dreading my hair, I slowly give him the “ok”. When we got to Walmart, I noticed the mirror on the earring rack and decided to take a peek and see what all the stares was about…..not tooting my own horn, but it was absolutely adorable! Yes, the “afro” was simply what it would probably look like if I was “all” natural! It is just so thick! I’m starting to think the sistas were probably wondering “Is she all natural?” When I think about it,the looks were not of disgust or anything. I actually looked at one lady, and she smiled. So, maybe the heat just gave me a “feel” of what it takes to be able to sport the natural look…..confidence.


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