Waiting on Fall….

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I said I would wait til September to flat iron my hair again, but I am going to try and just wait until my birthday. (October) Last night was my wash day, and I did a rollerset. I was tired of the pincurls, so I tried to wear my hair straight to my cousin’s husband’s(?) surprise birthday gathering. I just combed the curls out and straightened my roots only. I then rolled with six flexi rods. It looked awesome at home, but once I got into that humidity….POOF! So, when a natural or a transitioner wants straight hair, they definitely have to do an all over flat-iron in this kind of weather. Had I did an all over flat iron and used the argan oil…it would have definitely held. Now I see why naturals seem to have such healthy hair….they can only straighten it so many times out of the year! lol Well, it depends on where you live too I guess. Nevertheless, for now, I am willing to make that sacrafice. So, I’ll just have to wait it out. When I got home from the birthday gathering, I couldn’t wait to get my curls back! You just can’t go wrong with the hairstyle (in my opinion anyway) So, the countdown begins…8wks til my next all over flat iron.

P.S. Don’t hold me to that (lol)

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