Bored Out of My Mind!!! And Then Some…

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This heat is just ridiculous! I am so tired of wearing my hair in these curls, but it is the only thing that will hold up in this heat!! No, I am not going to flat iron, but I may bun or something! (Geesh!) Since we are on the subject, if I want to flat iron my hair, I will do that. I am not so serious about altering my hairs’ natural state that I am banning all heat, all hair color…what is that about? I am simply no longer relying on a “relaxer” to straighten my hair. It takes more work flat ironing my hair to get it straight, but I am in control of it. I determine when I want it straight, I determine how long I wear it straight, and when I get tired of wearing it straight, I just wash it! I am not trying to make a statement on behalf of all the black sisters by not relaxing anymore! My statement to all women is you’re beautiful when you have a relationship with the Lord, and you are beautiful when you do “you”! If I relaxed my hair tomorrow, I will do it and love myself for it!!!! I am not better than anyone because I don’t relax. I am just content with the fact that I control when my hair is straight and when it is not. I am no longer wasting my money on a product that is really doing nothing for me. Why am I saying all this? Well for those of you who have asked or are curious, I am not trying to be a part of some “hair commmunity”. I am not shackled by any hair laws people! If you are juggling whether you should relax or not based on the comments and pressure from others…you need to take another look at what “true” beauty really is. We also need to stop being intimidated by women who are confident with their relaxed hair. It’s all good ladies! Give this “natural hair restrictions” routine a rest. I am simply stating that I am going to just work with the hair that grows from my head from now on without the assistance of a relaxer. I didn’t say I would never wear my hair straightend(?) I don’t have to broadcast that I no longer get relaxers by constantly wearing the “fro”. Let it go ladies…..let it go.


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