Month: September 2011

Guest Blogger For Today – Shares Her Hairspiration!

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Recently I posted who my “hairspiration” was, and I asked my blog followers to share theirs.  RScott sent me her hairspiration, which is a photo she found of herself with her mom when she was younger.  She said she hopes to one day achieve her mom’s beautiful tresses!  Beautiful indeed!I asked RScott to share her current regimen with us and here is what she said:

Hair Routine:
Longest relaxer stretch – 6 months
Current Relaxer of choice – Crème of Nature w/Argan Oil
On Saturdays -wash and deep condition (Crème of Nature Argan Oil Shampoo and Argan Oil Intensive Conditioning Treatment)
followed by a roller-set (Using Crème of Nature Foaming Wrap Lotion)
For the first few nights-upkeep with pin-curls
By midweek-moisturize the ends with Argan Oil (One N Only or Crème of Nature)
and dry wrap each night for the remainder of the week

Lovein it RScott! You’ll have those tresses in no time at all! Thanks for sharing! Keep us Posted on your hair journey! Inquiring minds want to know!


It’s A Small World!

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Not only is Tracee Ellis Ross one of my “hairspirations”, but we are the same age. Go figure? You want to hear more? We both were born in October! Clearly she has more experience when it comes to “stepin out”. lol I found this lil information out, and I just thought it would be fun to share. I’m not in anyway comparing myself to Tracee. Personally, there is none. I’m uniquely “me”, and she is who she is. I know we were both created by God the Father, and that alone makes us simply breathtaking! So, whose your hairspiration?

Pincurls with Hawaiin Silky 14-n-1

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Okay!!! The answer is “Yes” a DEFINITE “Yes”! I will be using the Hawaiin Silky as a staple moisturizer. It is so soft. I combed out the curls from my rollerset last night, applied the Hawaiin Silky to sections of my hair and then the Argan Oil gel. The take down looked like this:











My goal is, when I wear this style, my hair will eventually look like this…………………

Today’s Rollerset

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Success! I think today’s rollerset came out fantastic considering I am 15 months post relaxer, and I used no direct heat. I was going to straighten my roots after the rollerset, but it came out so good, I decided against it. Now, in the past, my rollersets during my transition called for some assistance near the roots. Today, however, it came out surprisingly smooth. What did I do different? Normally when I do rollersets, I don’t use setting lotion. Well this time, I decided to try it and see if it would help tame that new growth! I used Africa’s Best, and it worked great! I looked in the mirror and decided against straightening the roots. I am going to put my hair in my finger twisted pincurls. I also decided to try something different with that routine as well. Normally, I would oil my hair and then use the Ecostyler Argan Oil Gel. This time, I decided to use a moisturizer instead (Hawaiin Silky 14-n-1), and then I applied the gel. I can’t wait till morning to see if it made a difference. I hope to see more defined curls. I use the Hawaiin Silky on my daughter as well. So far I like the product. I will definitely purchase it again! Below are photos of the rollerset. The shine is contributed to the Fantasia IC One Minute Reconstructor. Amazing stuff people (you will feel the difference when you rinse this stuff out) (this item is not new to me, I’ve used it in the past, smells great too) And again, I DID NOT use any direct heat on my roots nor did I spray oilsheen on my hair like I normally would after combing out a rollerset….Enjoy!

Naturally Beautiful or Not?

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I have been contemplating if I should embrace my “gray” or not? Why? Well…my husband hasn’t had his haircut in over 2 weeks (said he was just letting his hair grow some more) I personally think he’s just being lazy. lol Anyway, of course, because he hasn’t cut his hair, you can see his gray hair more! My husband is younger than I am (by a year) we are almost the big “4-0” but not yet. Lately though, there is something about his pepper colored hair that has me “overly” attracted?! When he talks to me, I just stare at him. So, jokingly, I asked him, “Do you want to color your hair?” He laughs, and replys “No ma’am.” “It has to come in sooner or later,I am just going to let God do His thing.” Now, my husband’s gray, in my opinion, looks so good! He seems more handsome than ever, and help me if he grows a beard!! I am going to fall for dead over his looking so handsome!! lol. Me and my grays on the other hand, all I see is “old lady”! I am not sure why, but I am not feeling my gray hairs! lol I am wondering though, how come I am not as accepting of my aging beauty???? I try to chalk it up to the fact that I feel it is just one of those “girly” things that makes me feel feminine. Some women get their nails done…well, I color my hair! It’s the same right? lol Oh well, for now, we will just toss this one in the “it’s a girl thang” file. As for the hubby, it works for him…distinguished, and so attractive! Me? Sigh…one of these days ladies…one of these days…

Part II Now Showing!!

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Here is the flat-iron part of my previous video…(look at part one on the previous blog if you haven’t)

14 Months Post Relaxer Washed ‘N Flat Ironed Hair

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Ok….unfortunately, part II will have to be uploaded another date (Vimeo rules!!) Hey, it’s a free account so I am limited to how many vids I can post in one week! Check back soon for the flat ironing and results!