Here We Go Again!!!!!!!

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I found this on “The Natural Haven’s” website:
Straightening Hair-Which is more damaging, a relaxer or flat iron?

Her answer?
“It is about mathematics to me. Hair can be relaxed once every 2-3 months, ‘stretching’ relaxers is now quite popular with some people who get retouches 2 or 3 times a year.If you are heat straightening, then you will more than likely be flat ironing at least once every week. In reality probably more than once a week – we know that at the slightest sign of reversion, it is super easy to just pick up the irons again.

This means that hair sustains damage every single time the heat is applied. This damage is cumulative, meaning that if you start out with 5% damage today (arbitrary number), in one month assuming 4 heat sessions, you end up with 20% damage or more because it easy to redamage damaged hair (how many times can I say damage lol).

With a relaxer, you will damage the hair once and it will not (if you have a good stylist) be damaged again. So your 5% stays there. If you have relaxer reapplied to your already relaxed hair then you will have some problems. Yes people do straighten relaxed hair too, but this will not require as much heat or as many passes of the iron.” (That was her response to the question)

Then, in the comment section, someone wrote this:

“ummm…. your argument is flawed. You assume when one’s hair is relaxed heat will not be used. Most relaxed people use heat on their hair every week as well. If one is relaxing AND using heat the damage would be worst than just heat straightening the hair. I would suggest a relaxer is better only if one will use heat free styles mostly. If not, then the flat-iron method would be better”

And………you guessed it, I also saw this:

“I have been pressing my natural hair straight for over a decade now and my hair is in excellent health and I reached my length goals. So, obviously heat has not been detrimental to my natural hair. And my hair shrinks up immediately as water hits it.
It truly is an individual hair issue.”

So, are you confused yet? lol


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