Transitioning to Natural Inspiration

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You notice the heat applied to her hair? Blowdried, pressed, then flat ironed. Her hair is gorgeous, and no relaxer was necessary! If that isn’t inspiring, I don’t know what is! Notice the title “Oilfree Silk Press”. All products were applied as leave-ins after washing her hair. Nothing else was applied except the wax stick to her edges at the end. Here is a tip from me personally….if your hair doesn’t move after you flat-iron, you are applying too much product. You have to trust yourself-a little goes a long way. Don’t be so afraid of getting heat damage that you use half the bottle of heat protectant thru one flat iron session! You know, too much knowledge on a subject can kill you! lol Don’t be paranoid. The way to ward against damage my friends, I can’t stress it enough…DEEP CONDITION, DEEP CONDITION, AND DEEP CONDITION. You flat iron your hair properly, TAKE YOUR TIME, and it will last you a good 2 weeks by moisturizing and oiling the ends, and wrapping it at night. I am an exception to the rule because of my workout schedule and co-washing, so my flat ironed hair last only about 3 days. But, it can be done ladies!


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