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Hi bloggers!  Just checking in with you all.  I am currently 16 months post relaxer, and I will not be doing an all over flat iron until the 1st week of November.  Today, if I am able (my daughter is home ill today), I will be co-washing my hair and doing another trim.  I am saying “another” trim because I cut some relaxed ends off 2 weeks ago, and will be doing it again today.  I know I had a goal of mid-back length by the end of November, but my goal is healthy, thick hair overall.  So….I will be rocking my pincurls or buns for now.  Hopefully, by November, the weather will really be cool enough for me to sport a beautiful flat ironed look! I’ve also been on a weight loss journey with the hubby.  We have just been changing our eating habits.  Believe it or not, I have been eating “more”, just smaller “healthy” meals a day whether I am hungry or not…. you heard correctly, even if I am not hungry.  I use to make the mistake of not eating until dinner, and all I was doing was starving the body so when dinner time came, it automatically stored anything I ate as fat!  Well, now, I am training my body to burn what I eat as “fuel or energy”.  Praise God, I am 12lbs lighter.  So, you have to give it something to burn!  My workout regimen is 45 min. to an hour of jogging and walking on the treadmill 5 days a week. On the weekends people, I eat whatever I want.   Hopefully, this also will aide in the health of my hair as well.  So, that is all for now you guys.  Praying your hair journey is going well, til next time! Oh yeh,…………don’t forget to drink that water!

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