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I need to narrow down the products I use. I’ve seen some people do blog sales, but…not for me. I guess I will just use up what I have, but only repurchase what I consider “essential or staple” products. I may just use some of them on my daughters hair. I don’t know. I saw my aunt on Sunday, and she just digs my hairdo! lol. Said it’s really “me”. Her curiousity got the best of her, and she of course pulled one of my twists to see how long my hair was, and you know what….it touched my bra? So, I’m thinking I must have been pass brastrap length when I trimmed? Well, who knows!? I will find out something in November when I flat iron. She was like, “Wow, if you relaxed your hair, imagine how long it would be!” You know what, I was like…”naaa, there’s just no desire to relax right now like I previously thought I wanted to.” Well…I didn’t say it out loud, but It was definitely the first thought that came to mind. Anywayzzzz…………my birthday is Wednesday, Lord willing. The hubby wants to do a couple thing, but I want my kids to be with us. Is that like, crazy? It’s a birthday, not our anniversary. I don’t know, my lil one’s just get so giddy over birthdays. I think my husband is going to lose this one…I think this one is going to be a “family” night. You know, some garlic hot wings, cheesy curly fries, garlic toast (we make our own curly cheese fries)..is anybody getting hungry?


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