Finding Peace

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I am really becoming at peace with my hair. I am so glad I started this journey. I hope I’ve helped you as well. Not getting relaxers anymore doesn’t seem that big of a deal to me anymore. My moms’ hair inspires me as well. She hasn’t had a relaxer in 2 or 3 years, and when I see her hair, there is just no need for it. I’ve started an actual journal, and I basically write what products work for me and which ones don’t. I believe my husband finally understands what I am trying to achieve, and he has given me his blessings to trim off my relaxed ends. So, once again, I will be cutting my ends. I was slowly cutting them with the intentions of being fully natural by September 2012, but now, it will be sooner (like May 2012). Of course, I will let you all know! There is a difference in me cutting my hair to achieve a goal (no more relaxed hair) vs. trimming to keep ends fresh and healthy. I stress that if your ends don’t need clipping, don’t cut them! That’s what hair stylist like to do! Cut, cut, cut til you never see how long your hair can grow! Baby your ends, don’t wear your hair down everyday, layoff the heat sometimes, and you will see that you don’t have to cut your ends as much. Just so you all are aware, I do absolutely nothing to my hair through the week. lol…I don’t style it whatsoever. I just moisturize, seal, and bun it. I wear it in my pincurls on Wed., and on the weekend. I don’t just stay in my hair everyday! So, that is why when it is time for me to wash my hair, I pamper myself, and I enjoy it! I’m also fully aware that my hair can be healthy relaxed or not, and that I am just “choosing” to not chemically straighten my hair. You have to take care of your hair regardless. No longer am I thinking my hair is going to just “automatically” be healthy because I am no longer relaxing!! I AM NOT paranoid over using heat either! When I flat iron, I now use the highest setting. Why? My hair is course, I only do it once every 3 or 4 weeks, and I only do one pass with the flat iron. I’m no longer going through all that work for my hair to revert in 30 minutes because I barely straightened my hair! Also, dime size amounts when it comes to products. Again, if I didn’t work out like I do, my flat ironed hair would easily last 2 weeks. I have found what works for me. When I was relaxed, I relaxed and still pressed my hair!! Guess what? My hair was still thick!! You just have to put the work in ladies..and work it is…you start getting lazy, your hair is going to tell on you. So when your hair talks, you want it to scream “I’m healthy!”. Wishing you all the best on your hair journey. Til next time, Lord willing.


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