Hair Update

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Hey all! Just decided to let you guys in on where I am with my hair. I am currently 17 months and 1 week post relaxer. I have been on my healthy hair journey since September 2009. My hair is getting a lil more difficult to style during the week. I've mentioned before that my workout regimen is pretty intense, and I always end up just bunning it until the weekend. I have started incorporating Aphogee 2 min. reconstructor into the regimen (once every 2 wks) I have been experiencing serious shedding, but I'm not alarmed because it is not each day, but on my wash day after I detangle. They are long strands, so it's not breakage. However, It is apparent that I am going to have some breakage. I mean, seriously, all that natural hair sitting on those relaxed ends?? I'm sure at some point I have had some breakage, which is why I started using the Aphogee. Aphogee is a very excellent product. It does what it says, and you use it until your hair reaches the health you are trying to achieve. In my case, it will help with my transition. I was going to flat iron my hair, but decided against it after seeing how the weather was today. So, I will wait til December if it be the Lord’s will. I won’t trim until then as well. So, that’s where I am as of now you guys…for those who are following and you’ve been interested in my weight management journey, here is my routine as of now:
I do 3 miles 5x a week
I run 1 mile, and I speed walk the other 2 miles at 3.4mph
I do light weights twice a week (4 sets of 10)
I jump rope for cardio 6 times a week (3 sets of 30)
I have not weighed myself at all. I’ve decided to go by my clothes instead of constantly jumping on the scale If my clothes are bigger, then I know I am making progress!I’ve decided to stop comparing myself to my husband (who looks like a thin stick!), and set my own goals (hey, I’m the one whose given birth 6 times!!) lol. Actually, I’m working out cause it makes me feel good. I have not set a “size” goal or anything. I just praise God whenever I complete my workout, and I’m praying that I am making my heart stronger. And yes, I eat whatever I want on the weekends. This doesn’t mean the “quantity” is huge, but if I want a poptart and a coke, I will have one and think nothing of it! lol Till next time guys!

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