My Meals Thru The Week

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Here is an example of what I eat through the week:

Breakfast (which is new for me, I hated eating breakfast because it made me feel ill afterwards????) Now….
3 strips lean/low sodium bacon 1 pc toast and juice or water bottle
or cup of yougurt, or bowl of cereal,or oatmeal

Snack(usually an hour or 2 after breakfast) w/water
piece of fruit, or Special K chips(27pcs), or granola bar, or yogurt

1/2 a sandwich
grape juice and water
roasted chicken from deli(no bread)

I have another snack (1 or 2 after lunch)
or the other half of my sandwich

Dinner is a full meal (meat, 2 sides)

I use to go all day eating literally nothing, but find eating something is always better than starving the body!


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