Month: December 2011


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Hey guys, it’s almost the end of the year, and usually we assess our errors and successes we’ve made throughout the year. How did your hair journey go? Did you reach your goals? Well, if not, don’t fret. If it be God’s will, try again. Due to all the trimming off my relaxed ends, I am still at BSL. As you all know, well, those that follow my blog, I flat iron once a month. I’ve decided to just skip over January. I know, it’s not a lot, but keep this in mind. Anytime you use less heat, it is helping! Small changes in the routine like that can yield big results. The month of January will be ALL airdrying. I recently flat ironed my hair for the month of December, and decided to go back to the 380 degree heat setting…..well, it was a bummer. My hair is just too thick for that setting, I have to be at least 400 or 410. So, anytime I have an opportunity to give my hair a break from heat, I do it. Key things I do to protect my hair:

-Praise God and ask for His guidance
-drink my water
-use quality ingredients or all natural (eggs, olive oil, honey)
-low manintenance/protective style thru the week
-trims (I’m not afraid to lose length!)
-heat protectants
-use temporary color rinses not permanent
-low heat usuage (not tempature wise, but frequency…big difference!) flat ironing my hair once a month at 410 is always healthier than every week or two weeks at a lower temp.


Rollerset and Co-wash

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Brooklyn, Here We Come!

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Ok, well…not exactly. Tonite, I decided to take the kids to Brooklyn Pizzeria since the hubby is working late. This is my first time eating there. I am going at the recommendation of my younger son, who has gone previously with my older brother and his family. I decided to keep it casual: The sweater is my latest thrift haul, the black undershirt is from Burlington, and the jeans are a thrift find as well.

3rd Day Hair

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Hair was freshly washed and flat ironed on Saturday. Today is my co-wash day, and I just wanted to show you how my hair was holding up after being out in the weather yesterday (Monday) and working out as well. Keep in mind, I do moisturize and seal my ends nightly. Again, I do believe the Chi 44 Iron Guard does what it says. So, enjoy the pics and decide for yourself!

Flat Ironed and Trimmed (back at brastrap length!)

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My husband said he could tell my hair had grown but the ends were so see through. So, I said they got to go!!

Sedu Who?

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For those of you who are not familiar, Sedu is a brand of flat iron. I was just browsing and thought “I have never seen Corrine Bailey in a photo with flat-ironed hair?” Then I came across these………….and thought, if my natural hair hung like hers, I wouldn’t need a flat iron either!