My Hair Regimen and Products Update

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Ok, so by the grace of God we are here in 2012, and I would say it’s time to clean out the closet. I know when we first started our hair journey we tried so many different products, and some worked for us and some didn’t. I have decided that less is more for me. So, let me share with you all what I’ve decided to stick with:

Shampoo – Aphogee for damaged hair
Reason: I am using this shampoo to help with my transition, I also color my hair, and also I flat iron my hair once a month on a 400-410 degree temp.

Deep Conditioner – I am back to my first love, Elasta QP SoyOil Moisturizing Deep Conditioner
Reason: the amount of product for the money is just too economical, and the ingredients are superb

Treatments – Aphogee 2 minute reconstructor
Reason: I am transitioning and I need something to strengthen that line where relax hair meets new growth

Every now and then I will do a protein treatment with eggs and olive oil

My Leave Ins:

Joico K-pak Reconstrutor
Reason: this is a foam leave in that protects and repairs the hair from color and heat usage

Motions Leave in Moisturizer
Reason-natural hair needs that extra moisture

John Frieda Frizz Ease
Reason: this is only when I do my pincurls and no heat is used to tame frizziness, once I run out however, I will not repurchase…too expensive for the amount

Got2b Guardian Angel Blow-Out Lotion:
Reason: have you tried it!? This tames that new growth when doing rollersets

Chisilk 44 Iron guard
Reason – my only heat protectant b4 flat ironing

Aphogee Gloss Therapy
Reason – mends split ends

These products are applied at different times depending on how the hair is being styled. For example, if I am not flat ironing, I don’t use the gloss therapy nor the chisilk iron guard. When I co-wash I don’t do the aphogee 2 min. reconstructor, and so on. I haven’t really committed to any natural oils, I use whatever I have in stock at the time. I cut my hair again this past December, I will not cut it again until after February. I am noticing that the more relaxed hair I cut off, the more my pincurl set looks like an afro. lol I told my husband, I can’t believe he doesn’t care that my hair looks like an afro! He said I was just fine. I thought that was too cute. (don’t ask, but I did) If you would like more product information on Aphogee, here is the link: Happy hair growing!

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