Whew! I’m Dying Over Here!

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Well, I decided to skip the month of January from doing my once-a-month flat ironing. I am shedding like mad! I washed my hair, and when I tell you so many long strands came out! My hair is just a hot mess! I need to invest in a serious leave in moisturizing cream for curly (natural) hair. The shedding doesn’t really bother me, I mean come on, I am almost 2 years without a chemical relaxer! (19 months exactly) So, the shedding, not a shocker, but the tangles!! Why all of a sudden? I’ve decided my hair needs a break from the pincurls. In order for me to get my pincurls I have to twist the hair around and up my finger, maybe that is just too much right now? I am also only going to wash once a week for awhile to see if that cuts down on the need to detangle. Who cares about the workouts?! I figure washing once a week means less manipulation. As for the sweaty hair and scalp after workouts…..we will just have to wait and see! I’ve got to step my game up! I can’t keep handling my hair like I’m relaxed, I need to go ahead and think like I’m “fully natural”. Maybe I need to just go ahead and go for the “wash and go”? I need to give my hair a rest is all I know. I didn’t want to do it, but I feel forced to surrender to…………”the bun”. I said I would not fall victim to the quick fix of throwing my hair into a bun, but man, it just seems like a big nest in there! lol I know what I need to do….hot oil treatment. I need to buckle down and treat my scalp and hair to a hot oil treatment! Lord willing, that is priority on my to-do-list. So, I need to research a good leave in moisturizer and purchase a hotoil treatment. Maybe I’m not dying after all, just a lil heartburn to get the creative juices flowing eh?

2 thoughts on “Whew! I’m Dying Over Here!

    Black Butterfly said:
    January 7, 2012 at 1:12 pm

    I’m beautifully natural too, I love it…. going on 4years now. Best thing I’ve ever done. My hair has been shedding recently too, I think I need some braids just to give it a break from the blowdryer… We’ll see 🙂

    cys2011 responded:
    January 7, 2012 at 4:31 pm

    Thanks fo the encouragement! It was going so smooth! lol 4 years you say? geat! When I pincurl my hair, I do it without straightening it, so as the week goes on…it can get pretty tangled in there!

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