All In The Name of Love

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So, today is the beginning of the 3rd week in January.  I’m almost there! You know, not flat ironing my hair until February, and then my mind goes on a guilt trip over my husband’s request…..why don’t I straighten my hair.  “Oh, you look beautiful with the pincurls,” he says BUT…….when I wear my hair straight it reminds him of the “hair being a woman’s glory”.  He said he likes when my “glory” shows. Lol.  But…but….what about my healthy hair journey???  Well, he says he likes both styles, he definitely respects me trying to grow healthy, natural hair, but I guess he just would like to see it straightened (since I rarely do it).  So, I may be flat ironing this weekend Lord willing.  I still will not be cutting my ends again until February though (end of ) If I flat iron, I will do the egg treatment for added protein.  As for the washing once a week.  It went really great! I mean, perfect.  My scalp was a lil itchy after work outs, but not so bad til it drove me to the shampoo sink.  I kept it very moisturized and just pinned it up.  So, maybe that will work for a while.  It also helps my products to last longer.  I know some of the ladies on their hair journey who only shampoo once a month!  Ummmm, not for me.  So, for the love of my life, I may pull out the heat next weekend.  What we do for love!

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