Protein Overload!

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Hey guys, I didn’t take any photos of my flat-ironed hair this past weekend, but it turned out ok. I did my regular wash, but in addition to the aphogee 2-min. reconstructor, I did the egg treatment.
BIG M-I-S-T-A-K-E! I think it was too much protein for one wash day. I should have done it on seperate washes. My hair felt harder than usual. Yes, I did a deep condition, but again…protein overruled! Lol. That night when I came in…my hair was like Diana Ross’s!! It definitely didn’t have as much oil as I usually do. I can tell it was lacking moisture. (I know my hair enough to recognize this) You can say I almost “over” protected my hair from the flat ironing. Next time, I will alternate with the protein. So, I also found this website to help me decide when it is best to flat iron: Unfortunately, I found this site after my hair blew up like Diana!

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