Month: February 2012

Workout Update

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Yes, it has just been me and my treadmill. No more jump roping (makes me feel to ill) On a good day, I burn 900 calories on the treadmill (it has a counter). I must admit, sometimes I just don’t have the energy and I can only crank out 400 calories. I do try to stay committed though. Sometimes my mind is too full, and I am too anxious to finish the workout, other times….I just feel ill. Regardless of the way I feel, I manage to faithfully crank out a total of 2100 calories a week. If I have the energy, it’s 2900. I know, I know…how much do I consume? I have no idea! I’m not that much of a calorie freak. lol I just workout because I know it is good for me. If God plans for me to see another birthday, I will be embracing the big 4-0. I can’t believe it!! So, when I workout, I consider the fact my body and heart needs this. I want to grow older and be able to help my younger sisters, and I want and hope to have a good mind to do so. So, I am trying really hard to not take anything for granted.

I don’t diet (sorry). Instead I just try and eat small. I am still having to “make” myself eat after breakfast. For some reason…I just don’t be hungry, (anyone else dealing with this???) but I know I have to fuel my body. I have incorporated lemon water into my routine. I really didn’t start this for weightloss. I read it is good for skin and nails. It is the “skin” part that got me. I have horrible skin. I have also started puting t-tree oil on my skin. I hope it benefits me. Well, I will try and stay energized and not quit. I pray that God will give me the energy to workout, study, and be a better “me” altogether. What about you?


Embracing My Texture

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My husband is off this weekend, and I had decided to pull out the flat iron since he likes to see my hair length. However, I’ve decided that I want to keep rocking my natural texture. Yeah, I just love this versatility! In fact, I hope to not flat iron until the kids are off for spring break. I’m just going to drink my lemon water, keep my hair up through the week and moisturize and seal. I think it is kind of fun to leave flat ironing my hair as a treat for the hubby. (giggle) It will be interesting to see if my hair has grown any at all. Wow, two years since my last relaxer…..where does the time go? I will leave you with my inspirations that help me to hold off the flat ironing. Later!

Future Henna Experience

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If God allows me to, I will be trying my first Henna treatment. For those of you not familiar, let me enlighten:

Benefits of Henna in Hair

Henna is largely utilized for its strong dyeing effects on hair. It is renders a superb reddish color to individuals with dark hair. Other than hair dyeing, henna has countless other benefits for hair. It promotes hair growth and can also treat hair loss. More benefits of henna in hair are shown in the following article…

Cures hair loss Henna is an ancient natural remedy for treating hair loss and it was used by the Pharaohs for maintaining proper hair health. It works by sealing and repairing the cuticle, thereby assisting to heal the hair shaft. Hair breakage is limited and prevented due to this action. Furthermore, it also offers a natural hair shine. The other method through which henna prevents hair loss is through balancing the scalp’s PH.

Treats scalp problems Henna treats most of the scalp disorders like dryness, dandruff and other problems. It also removes or reverses effects of the normal daily pollution like fumes on hair. Dryness caused by too much blow drying can be remedied with henna application. Furthermore, henna also averts premature hair graying.

Herbal condition Henna acts like a great herbal conditioner, giving hair a shiny and sleek look. It nourishes hair and also makes it silky and soft. The best method of availing the advantages of henna in hair conditioning is through soaking the henna in honey and curd and applying onto the head. The curd guards against hair drying and is responsible as well for the extra shine. Then again, you can add lemon juice to henna and then apply it to hair for the conditioning benefit. You require washing your hair several times so as to remove the mixture from the hair. Even though henna is largely safe for hair use, you should only purchase the pure form of henna to avert complications.

It comes in a powder form, and I have to mix it with boiling water. To my understanding, a little messy, but so beneficial!

Guilty Pleasures

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“World Table Chocolate Orange Truffle Cookies”
My first time trying these from Walmart. Orange and Chocolate…………Take me away!!!!!!! I know, not good for my weight loss journey, but I am reminding myself:
Gluttony is a sin. Gluttony is a sin. Gluttony IS a sin.

Hydrate My Curls!

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Ok, I would love to try the Miss Jesse’s Curly Pudding products, but my budget just won’t let me do it.  So, I’m browsing the beauty supply store for some hairbows for my lil girl, and I come across Motions Naturally You Hydrate My Curls Curly Pudding.  The price……..6.99.  Miss Jesse’s products? Try twenty bucks.  I decided to use the pudding on my twists after I washed today.  I absolutely adore it!  My hair looks oily, but indeed it is not weighed down or anything.  It has so much body.  The shine is incredible.

Here is what the product says:
Significantly increases moisturization, curl definition, shine and strength of your natural hair.

Hydrate My Curls Pudding This salon tested, light and fluffy styling pudding, with shea butter, coconut and avocado oils, hydrates, elongates and lightly defines curls, while reducing frizz, leaving it feeling soft and looking vibrantly shiny and healthy.

Directions: can be used on wet or dry hair to increase shine and manageability. For curls: apply a smalll amount and distribute evely. Style as usual. For twist: apply a generous amount to hair and distribute evenly. Follow with the naturally you define my curls creme to create the twists.

The Results:

Lord willing, I will definitely be repurchasing!

Search and Destroy!

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So, I know I said I wasn’t trimming my hair until April, and technically……I didn’t trim. I just saw those relaxed ends dangling in front of me and thought “what are you waiting for? Those ends serve no purpose!” So, I chopped, and then chopped, looking for any piece of hair without natural texture. I felt strange at first, like I have some sick attachment to my relaxed hair. I almost felt as if I would be completely bald after snipping those ends off. Praise God, I’m not bald. I do know that I am no longer brastrap, just by an inch or so though. My sides are defintely uneven, so when I flat iron again, that is going to be interesting to see! Immediately my hair seemed fuller, I will say that. The key now is to stay moisturized. I notice that with my lil girl’s hair (who is all natural as well) it just has to have some kind of moisture DAILY, sometimes twice daily! I’m happy. I almost feel like I have a clean slate. The funny thing about getting rid of my ends, my husband didn’t want me to cut it off. I guarantee you, he is not going to even notice! lol He too had an attachment to those relaxed ends! It has been almost two years since I relaxed my hair, and the attachment for us was probably the “length”. With God’s help though, all that length will come back and then some. One thing I do want to emphasize, naturals still need to trim when necessary. Having unrelaxed hair doesn’t mean splitends are a thing of the past. In fact, they will probably be harder to dectect! I have to step up my game. Normally I trimmed maybe, and I said “maybe” twice a year. I think I will start trimming every 3 months. Length is no longer my “real” goal, because if I take care of my strands, the length will soon follow.

Hair Update

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Hi everyone! Today was my wash day, and inspite of the weather………I flat ironed. My hair behaves in cool weather, even if it does rain. My hair can’t take rain and humid weather (or warm) that’s when I turn scary! lol. So, I think it came out great. I didn’t sit under the hairdryer this time after washing. Today, after applying my leave-ins (including my heat protectant) I blow dryed on warm setting. I put my hair in a bun, ran some errands, and then came back and started to flat iron. This time I did it on 420 degrees. So, first, here is my blow dryed hair. (excuse the makeup)

and this is what it looked like after flat ironing:

I am currently 21 months post relaxer, and I barely have any relaxed hair left. Yes, I have had breakage, knots at the ends of my hair, tangles, etc. etc., but I’m still hanging in there. Every now and then I still have the urge to grab a relaxer and call it quits. It quickly passes though. So, I will check on my ends in April and see if they need trimming then. Til next time bloggers!