Hair Update

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Hi everyone! Today was my wash day, and inspite of the weather………I flat ironed. My hair behaves in cool weather, even if it does rain. My hair can’t take rain and humid weather (or warm) that’s when I turn scary! lol. So, I think it came out great. I didn’t sit under the hairdryer this time after washing. Today, after applying my leave-ins (including my heat protectant) I blow dryed on warm setting. I put my hair in a bun, ran some errands, and then came back and started to flat iron. This time I did it on 420 degrees. So, first, here is my blow dryed hair. (excuse the makeup)

and this is what it looked like after flat ironing:

I am currently 21 months post relaxer, and I barely have any relaxed hair left. Yes, I have had breakage, knots at the ends of my hair, tangles, etc. etc., but I’m still hanging in there. Every now and then I still have the urge to grab a relaxer and call it quits. It quickly passes though. So, I will check on my ends in April and see if they need trimming then. Til next time bloggers!


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