Search and Destroy!

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So, I know I said I wasn’t trimming my hair until April, and technically……I didn’t trim. I just saw those relaxed ends dangling in front of me and thought “what are you waiting for? Those ends serve no purpose!” So, I chopped, and then chopped, looking for any piece of hair without natural texture. I felt strange at first, like I have some sick attachment to my relaxed hair. I almost felt as if I would be completely bald after snipping those ends off. Praise God, I’m not bald. I do know that I am no longer brastrap, just by an inch or so though. My sides are defintely uneven, so when I flat iron again, that is going to be interesting to see! Immediately my hair seemed fuller, I will say that. The key now is to stay moisturized. I notice that with my lil girl’s hair (who is all natural as well) it just has to have some kind of moisture DAILY, sometimes twice daily! I’m happy. I almost feel like I have a clean slate. The funny thing about getting rid of my ends, my husband didn’t want me to cut it off. I guarantee you, he is not going to even notice! lol He too had an attachment to those relaxed ends! It has been almost two years since I relaxed my hair, and the attachment for us was probably the “length”. With God’s help though, all that length will come back and then some. One thing I do want to emphasize, naturals still need to trim when necessary. Having unrelaxed hair doesn’t mean splitends are a thing of the past. In fact, they will probably be harder to dectect! I have to step up my game. Normally I trimmed maybe, and I said “maybe” twice a year. I think I will start trimming every 3 months. Length is no longer my “real” goal, because if I take care of my strands, the length will soon follow.

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