This Weekend’s Weather Forecast? …..Booooo!

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What a rainy weekend! I mean, really! You know, it’s just one of those things, sometimes you got to just find some other way to be cute! lol. I’m working the good ‘ol high bun friends! Lately, I am not sure why, but my twist out have been so frizzy, and with this rainy weather (even if it is cold) it just hasn’t been holding up!? So, I am like “better safe than sorry” so….up with the bun. The truth is, it’s not my favorite style, but maybe it’s because I haven’t mastered it, or when the weather is bad, I usually just go to my pincurl twist out. Sigh…….it is what it is. I don’t know what spring break is going to be like, but Lord willing, we plan on being outside alot. I may have to work on this high bunning technique some more!

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