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Hey guys! I know it’s been a minute,but by the grace of God, I am still thriving. No flat ironing and loving it. I have also become better at defining my daughter’s twist out and braidouts. The secret……(yeh, I could be so late)MOISTURE! LOTS OF IT!! When I am applying the curly pudding, I am lightly spritzing her hair with water. This provides such a better form to her twists. Also, the longer you leave in the twists (like….days) the better they look as well. I am really enjoying being natural. I can truly say there is no “hype” motivation behind it. Meaning, I am doing this because I have really embraced it for myself and not because it seems like the latest trend. I feel “real”, I feel “unique” and blessed. It’s a blessing to see the beauty in what God has naturally provided for us. I am trying to teach my daughter the same thing. I hope she is listening!


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