HD and Me

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Hey everyone, I know it has been a minute…..or two, but I have been sooooo busy! From making traveling plans, to my son’s graduation and prom, it has been pretty hectic! So, I purchased a new HD DSLR camera, and I have been trying it out here and there. I was hoping to purchase it before my son’s graduation pics, but it didn’t work out that way. Nevertheless, Lord willing I will have the opportunity to use it on prom and grad day. I took a few pics trying to learn it. I puchased a hood for the lens. What I think is amazing is that the pics were taken in the heat of the day, yet there is no glare from the sun at all thanks to the hood around the lens. Which would have been perfect when I took my sons grad pics because he wears glasses, and we took them outside. I tried uploading the pics for you all to see, and of course, I keep getting an error from wordpress???? As soon as I figure out what the deal is, I will defintely share!

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