Summer time, summer time, sum…sum…summertime..SUMMER TIME!

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Well, you know the jingle! So, here we go again, basking in the heat! High electric bills, landfill overflowing with waterbottles, etc. etc. Prom is over (thank goodness!) Now on to graduation day. Well, we are almost there, and the week after………it’s family vacation time! Yes, we are going to try and make this thing happen, and yes, we are taking the family pooch. Yes, we all decided he just can’t be left in the hands of someone else, so he’s going. We found a pet friendly suite so, lets just hope for the best! So my family, my parents, and the siblings are headed to Six Flags Over Texas for 3 days. Oh yeah, well, our family friend is coming to (I mean, besides the dog), it’s our family in Christ. (it’s a long story)But we’ve invited him along so look for pics to come! When we get back the hubby and I will be heading out to San Antonio with the kids for a night. This trip is simply to find a place my husband saw on the FoodNetwork Channel. lol! Yes, we are looking for “Doughs” So, we will check out the SanAntonio Zoo while we are there, but the real mission, is the food! I’ll have to work on a summer routine for my hair. I probably won’t trim it until August. My youngest will be starting school in August as well, and I am already nervous! He is just a handful in character, and I am praying he gets an instructor who can appreciate his “uniqueness” shall I say? Oh well, it had to happen one day! Til next time guys.

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