Month: July 2012

Wash Day And Results

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Hello world, I don’t know what is going on with my Vimeo Uploader, but for some reason, if you want to see my video, you are going to have to just click the link provided:

Wash Day and Results Video Click Here Anyway, click if you desire, if not….that’s fine too! I just uploaded a video since it has been so long since I did one. I guess this is Vimeo’s way of getting you to check out what they have to offer??? Don’t leave any comments on the Vimeo site, I never check them. lol Any comments make sure you come back and put them on my blog. Enjoy!


Reality Strikes

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So, while I am in the hotel room waiting on the hubby to get dressed, I decided to turn on the television, and the channel was on the news channel. This massive shooting at the movie theater is on the screen, and I thought…how sad. How disturbing that you can’t go to a place with your family or friends and just have an enjoyable evening. Of course, this made me miss my kids even more. Thankfully I left my Ipad at home with them, and I used my husband’s Ipad to call and chat with them via video. It was so comforting to hear and see them! But what about the families that are victims to this sick crime you know? Wow…….It made me think though, and you know, I don’t question God at all. These things happen as a ploy of the evil one to make us doubt. Yes, even after this shooting I truly and honestly STILL believe in God Almighty. In the photo, all I could think about was the power of God simply by witnessing the water behind me. Only God can make it where the water, without any barriers, know to stop and not run onto the land. Yes, man is pretty smart, but you can’t out do the Creator! Only God can give water its’ strength and its’ purpose. Man may borrow it for the time being, but never can we replace it or begin to duplicate it. It’s too deep, too wide, too strong, just so out of our league! So yes, whatever reasons these evil things continue to fall upon us, I believe in God’s own time, it will be revealed and all make sense. I’m deeply sorrowful for the families, and praying for the shooter. Yes, praying for his soul before he closes his eyes in death, that he will come to the knowledge of our Lord and Savior. Forgiveness is hard isn’t it? But we have to. It’s what makes us human and it keeps us from becoming the monster. Praying my family in Christ world throuhout “Keep THE faith”

Just Sharing….

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Just sharing more of our experience and memories we made in Corpus! The majority of photos were taken from the tour boat, so I had a hard time standing up while the boat was rocking. That being said, please forgive the glare in the photos and the angled shots! lol I have yet to upload the USS Lexington Tour photos. I was going to make it into a slideshow, but too much to do right now 

Hip Hip Hooray for Corpus Christi!

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So, we had our taste of Corpus, and would we go back? Well, now that we know, IF we go back, we need our own jetskis (renting one was 90.00 for one hour!!) We know not to sit in front row of the tour boat or your mouth and eyes will get treated to salt water, and just look on the other side of the freeway to find something to eat!!! We were told to cheer in the photo, so we let them have it! lol The boat ride was an experience! Just something looking at God’s creation, all that water! When I get the opportunity, I will try and upload more pics of our trip. I have just so many! I had to wear my hair up and bunned, it was just too breezy by the water. It was nice to be around friends and family, some of us couldn’t do the “couple thing” and seeing their lil ones, made me miss my own alot. But next time, if God allows, we will share this experience with our kids. For now, Lord willing, we will make it up to them this week at the Ringling Barnum & Baily Circus! I hope it is a nice experience for them! Blog with you later guys…..

Order Up!

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He’s at it again! My son, the inspiring culinary chef, made dinner for us twice this week. First up, homemade meatballs w/pasta. The key here is he mixed ground pork with ground beef. Well, I would have never thought it. Then tonight, he hit us with my husband’s fave……….bacon wrapped shrimp!! He used thick cut smoked bacon too! He placed it on homemade dirty rice, and I thought it was just delish! It was light, but tasty

Hair Color, Face Routine, and No Heat

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For those who don’t know, I do color my hair, and yes, I do still consider myself “natural”. Again, I have mentioned before that I am not one of those “die-hard” naturals who feel you can’t straighten your hair, color your hair, comb it, etc. I do use a temporary rinse though. However, I have decided to just give it a break, let the gray show, and oh well get over it. I know some people (women) think that is just a “no-no” letting gray show, but my hair needs a break, and since I am doing the “no-heat” challenge, I will let it rest from hair color as well. Again, it’s not forever Lord willing, just until I get back from our vacation. As for the heat, usually when I wash my hair I rollerset and then twist. Well, during my challenge, I’m just airdrying and then doing my twist. So, I will have more shrinkage I’m sure, but it’s ok. I don’t care whether people know how long my hair really is or not, I think I’ve gotten past that. When I first started, I wanted to constantly tell people, “oh no, I didn’t cut my hair, it’s just shrunken up!” lol. Now, who cares???? My hair is going to do what it do, and people are going to think whatever they want anyway. Lastly, this is day 26 of my skincare routine. Yes, I have been doing it faithfully! Here is the problem, this is going to be too expensive to keep up. So, I am considering switching to Ambi. What do you guys think? Any experience with that product? FashionFair is absolutely wonderful, but the line of facial products I can’t keep up with. Or…….(light bulb moment) I could try Ebay!!!! Yes, I have purchased fashion fair from there before!! So maybe not all is lost huh?
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No Heat Challenge is Back!!!!

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Ok, so Lord willing the hubby and I along with some friends will be going on a mini vacation to Corpus Christi next week, and I overheard plans of jet skiing??? So, the question is what will I do with my hair? I am definitely going to have to purchase a good leave-in conditioner/moisturizer. I decided this would be a good time to go on a “no-heat” challenge. So, I will not be flat ironing my hair (that’s the goal) until August 12? So, we are looking at about 6wks of no heat? I guess I will try doing braidouts instead of the pincurl all the time just to switch up. I just can’t master that flat twistout!! I don’t think I will be sitting under the hairdryer either for a while. Ok, the truth is, I’m just lazy. I am tired of doing my hair. I am going to purchase a leave in cream and bun through the week until my wash days. So, the next time my hubby sees my hair straight, I hope he really appreciates it! The bun looks cute too sometimes when done right. I have been trying the curls unleashed cream if you remember on a previous blog, but once I run out, I will not be repurchasing….yeah, I know, but it doesn’t work for me. What doesn’t work for me is the “hold”. It just doesn’t keep my twists set long enough to me. Maybe I will try damping my hair a lil before applying. So, 6 wks isn’t really a long time, but again I think any lil break helps and for me, it will do a lot because again, I won’t sit under the dryer either. So, wishing you well on the challenge. When I flat iron, I will try to remember to post an update for you guys.