Hair Color, Face Routine, and No Heat

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For those who don’t know, I do color my hair, and yes, I do still consider myself “natural”. Again, I have mentioned before that I am not one of those “die-hard” naturals who feel you can’t straighten your hair, color your hair, comb it, etc. I do use a temporary rinse though. However, I have decided to just give it a break, let the gray show, and oh well get over it. I know some people (women) think that is just a “no-no” letting gray show, but my hair needs a break, and since I am doing the “no-heat” challenge, I will let it rest from hair color as well. Again, it’s not forever Lord willing, just until I get back from our vacation. As for the heat, usually when I wash my hair I rollerset and then twist. Well, during my challenge, I’m just airdrying and then doing my twist. So, I will have more shrinkage I’m sure, but it’s ok. I don’t care whether people know how long my hair really is or not, I think I’ve gotten past that. When I first started, I wanted to constantly tell people, “oh no, I didn’t cut my hair, it’s just shrunken up!” lol. Now, who cares???? My hair is going to do what it do, and people are going to think whatever they want anyway. Lastly, this is day 26 of my skincare routine. Yes, I have been doing it faithfully! Here is the problem, this is going to be too expensive to keep up. So, I am considering switching to Ambi. What do you guys think? Any experience with that product? FashionFair is absolutely wonderful, but the line of facial products I can’t keep up with. Or…….(light bulb moment) I could try Ebay!!!! Yes, I have purchased fashion fair from there before!! So maybe not all is lost huh?
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