Hip Hip Hooray for Corpus Christi!

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So, we had our taste of Corpus, and would we go back? Well, now that we know, IF we go back, we need our own jetskis (renting one was 90.00 for one hour!!) We know not to sit in front row of the tour boat or your mouth and eyes will get treated to salt water, and just look on the other side of the freeway to find something to eat!!! We were told to cheer in the photo, so we let them have it! lol The boat ride was an experience! Just something looking at God’s creation, all that water! When I get the opportunity, I will try and upload more pics of our trip. I have just so many! I had to wear my hair up and bunned, it was just too breezy by the water. It was nice to be around friends and family, some of us couldn’t do the “couple thing” and seeing their lil ones, made me miss my own alot. But next time, if God allows, we will share this experience with our kids. For now, Lord willing, we will make it up to them this week at the Ringling Barnum & Baily Circus! I hope it is a nice experience for them! Blog with you later guys…..


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