Reality Strikes

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So, while I am in the hotel room waiting on the hubby to get dressed, I decided to turn on the television, and the channel was on the news channel. This massive shooting at the movie theater is on the screen, and I thought…how sad. How disturbing that you can’t go to a place with your family or friends and just have an enjoyable evening. Of course, this made me miss my kids even more. Thankfully I left my Ipad at home with them, and I used my husband’s Ipad to call and chat with them via video. It was so comforting to hear and see them! But what about the families that are victims to this sick crime you know? Wow…….It made me think though, and you know, I don’t question God at all. These things happen as a ploy of the evil one to make us doubt. Yes, even after this shooting I truly and honestly STILL believe in God Almighty. In the photo, all I could think about was the power of God simply by witnessing the water behind me. Only God can make it where the water, without any barriers, know to stop and not run onto the land. Yes, man is pretty smart, but you can’t out do the Creator! Only God can give water its’ strength and its’ purpose. Man may borrow it for the time being, but never can we replace it or begin to duplicate it. It’s too deep, too wide, too strong, just so out of our league! So yes, whatever reasons these evil things continue to fall upon us, I believe in God’s own time, it will be revealed and all make sense. I’m deeply sorrowful for the families, and praying for the shooter. Yes, praying for his soul before he closes his eyes in death, that he will come to the knowledge of our Lord and Savior. Forgiveness is hard isn’t it? But we have to. It’s what makes us human and it keeps us from becoming the monster. Praying my family in Christ world throuhout “Keep THE faith”

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