Month: September 2012

My Hair Journey

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twistout using Oyin Handmade whipped butter
My last touch-up (relaxer that is) was in September 2009. I decided I would try my hand at taking care of two textures, relaxed and my new growth. So many times I was about to throw in the towel, but my curiousity would always get the best of me. I knew as I aged, I didn’t want to be getting relaxers. Who would keep it up for me in my 60’s and so on?? I didn’t want to relax my daughter’s hair either. If it was good enough for her, why not me? Now, here I am September 2012 still relaxer free! Yes, it took a lot of patience!! I went through so many products!! lol I’ve learned so much. The biggest thing is that our hair needs moisture. The very thing I would run from when I was relaxed! Keeping the hair moisturized keeps the hair from drying out and breaking. When your hair doesn’t break, you retain your growth. Retaining your growth gives you the opportunity to see your length. One thing that just amazes me still is the shrinkage you get when you’re natural. Who knew all that length could be in those tight shrunken curls!? I’ve never been afraid of heat. I really don’t do much research on heat damage. I do focus on deep conditioning and protein treatments. I’m faithful to my routine as God gives me the strength to do it, so I really don’t fret behind “heat” damage. I do believe I’ve come along way. I will admit that it does get boring at times. I get tired of seeing myself with the big twistout. lol I know I could straighten it, but my arms be feeling like they are going to fall off when I do! There are pros and cons one must weigh. I also get tired of everyone jumping on the “natural” hair bandwagon trying to produce a product that suppose to make your natural texture pop. Don’t get me wrong, that’s great they are catering to naturals, but this twenty bucks for 2 ounces of product? Come on! All this hair and 2 ounces of product!!??? So we try and make do with what’s in our kitchens right? Egg…mayonaise….olive oil…honey…crisco, yes, I’ve heard of sisters using crisco oil! I’m sure as I age I will end up constantly sporting a bun or braid, but that’s ok. To my understanding, as we age, the thinner our hair becomes, I’m hoping laying off the chemicals will slow down the process! Well bloggers, as always, heres to healthy hair growing!