Still at It

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So, hey guys! It’s been a few I know. I have still been trying to change my eating habits, and so far so good. Today I decided to put my grilled chicken on greenage. It’s been kind of difficult trying to be creative and still fix foods my family will enjoy. So far, I have replaced beef tacos with grilled chicken with 2% cheese and fat free sourcream instead of the original. I haven’t fried any chicken in months! Instead, I have been baking it in the bag with potatoes and veggies. Hotwings are even baked vs. the fried I use to do for our Friday nite “fun nite” meals. When I make dessert, it is usually geared towards the weekend now. I still have not weighed myself, really don’t intend to except at a professional dr. weigh in. (around November/December) I understand this is a slow and steady process. I just know I had to start somewhere! It gets frustrating at times, but consistency is key!


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