The Perks of Cold and Flu Season

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I know, what on earth can be good about being ill??? Well, I’ve just been feeling horrible which explains the no blogging from me. :-[…….. All the coughing has me so icky feeling in the tummy. I have had no appetite, everything taste salty and just blah!! So, thankfully my hubby says he has dinner tonite. The menu? Grilled cheese and soup. Believe it or not, it sounded delish! So he pulls out the sandwich press and velveeta, and he goes to town making three types of soup (ok, from the can, but stay with me here) I go for the vegetable soup. I was just so glad I didn’t have to come up with dinner. The kids loved it! I ate a few bites, I felt spoiled, but I couldn’t eat anymore because this cold has everything just tasteless! I was thankful still. I have to get better though so I can enjoy the bike riding with the hubby on my birthday. Yes, the challenge for me? How to stuff all this hair in my helmet!??? I’ll work something out I’m sure of it. Praying I get better soon….


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