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Just wanted to share with you guys some items I picked up. I thought the nail polish colors below were so beautiful! The brand is Wet N Wild Megalast. It has a neat flat brush instead of the typical one that comes with nail polishes. From left to right: Wet n wild 216B (under your spell) Wet n Wild 208B (through the grapevine) Wet n Wild 204B (private viewing) and lastly Wet n Wild 206C (undercover) Who thinks of these names right?! lol Anyway, thought they were really neat colors.

Wet N Wild Colors
Next is my latest perfume choice. Versace in “Bright Crystal” For some reason I thought this scent would be heavy and strong, and I started not to get it at first, but it is actually quite light.
Versace Brght Crystal
I found this glitter colored nail polish and thought it to be pretty as well. It is clear with glitter so you may use this as a topcoat after applying a red base coat:
It is called “There’s no place like home” (I’m assuming because of the glitter mirroring the Wizard of Oz) It says “Fergie” on the front so I am assuming it is Fergie’s collection. Lastly I picked up this body cream from Walmart because I ran out of my original bath n body works collection (too lazy to go back) but it smelled wonderful. The reason I purchase my body butter in the mall is simply there is more variety than walmart, and the consistency is thicker and smell (in my opinion) lasts longer.


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