Help Me!!!!

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I’ve been on youtube and I have seen the most beautiful flat ironed hair!!!!! Why am I being tortured!? My mom is right, why am I not flat ironing with all this beautiful weather we are having??? Thanks for the support mom! (sarcastic) Don’t get me wrong, I like straight hair but Darn man!……it is so much work!!! So I convince myself that it’s a ‘no heat’ challenge and this way I don’t have to worry about flat ironing! I know, it’s madness right? LOL If only I had a trusted salon to flat iron this jungle??? Hmmmm……Well, for now it’s just me, myself, and I. So, will I pull out the heat this weekend????? Keep blogging with me to find out!


2 thoughts on “Help Me!!!!

    NaturalHairPantry said:
    November 7, 2012 at 4:26 pm

    Hi! Your hair is beautiful and you look great in this pic. Alright, so, flat ironed hair. I just did mine this week. I do not like heat at all, but I had not worn it straight for months and wanted a break from braid outs and twist outs. I washed, and let it air dry, then passed the flight iron over each section just one time. My hair straightens out with just one pass, so that’s helpful. And I flat ironed on low. I’m curious to see if you flat iron! I’ll be checking for your post about it. 🙂

      cys2011 responded:
      November 14, 2012 at 12:26 am

      Thanks so much! Unfortunately, I didn’t get around to it. 😦

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