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Dinner is served!

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This weekend I went out with some of my Christian sisters, and conversation some how focused in on my weight loss and the oh so popular question, “What do you do with all that free time while the kids are in school?”  I’m a stay home mom if you haven’t guessed, and my first thought to this is always….”What free time?”  lol  Well, after convincing them that the responsibilities never end, we started talking “food”.  I have made drastic changes to my diet.  I rarely eat dessert, no soda, my portions are small ( I get full faster now) and I eat a lot of lean meats or turkey.  I don’t “diet” though.  I don’t “restrict” myself from anything.  If I want a soda, I will drink one, but you won’t see a case in the fridge like old times. So, it has been so long since I’ve fried chicken, I thought I’d fry up some chicken tonight!  One of my challenges as manager of the budget is to find budget friendly dinners.  Tonight’s meal costs me about $10.00 (there are 6 of us) Yes, you heard me, 6 people for $10.00.  Here we go:

I start with a pack of boneless, skinless chicken thighs that have been butterflied or split in half and flattened.  You get about 7 to 8 of these in a pack for less than five bucks at Food Town here in Houston. Well, since they are already flattened for me, I take culinary kitchen scissors and make 14 pieces of chicken!!  I make my own batter:

1 egg

1/2 cup milk

freezer bag for shaking

all-purpose flour

vegetable oil for frying

seasoning (up to you)

salt and pepper

I mix my egg and milk together. I randomly pour my flour in the freezer bag and mix with some Tony’s creole seasoning.  I season chicken with salt and pepper.  I then dip the chicken in the egg and milk, then the flour, back in the egg and milk, then the flour again. Grease is hot on med-high, put in a few pieces at a time (cooks really fast, so watch it!)  Turn maybe once, and in about 5 minutes remove (nice golden brown) Drain. 

I served with 2 cans collard greens (2/1.25), drained and added bacon pieces (1.67 in salad isle)  and cooked mashed potatoes (1.50 a box) tip: replace boiling water with low sodium chicken broth Image

And there you have it, by the grace of God, dinner is served my friends!




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Just sharing more of my passion. I have absolutely no idea why I choose the subjects that I do, but you got to start somewhere right?! Enjoy!
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