Skin Care Regimen

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I have come to the reality that my skin needs proper care.  Not just applying lotion or a moisturizer, but I need some serious exfoliation in my life! (not sure if that’s a word….) Anywho….I purchased the following from for about 25 bucks (they run into the hundreds….)


Not willing to break the bank, I chose the  Ulta Dual Action Cleanser, (as of 7/15, BOGO) If you can stomach it, I will post a photo of my face before the cleansing, and then after the cleansing with makeup.  For my application I am using the Retinol -X AntiAging Cleanser.  I am not sure if the beads in the product are too strong for me.  I’ve been pulling more blackheads out than ever! (I know, gross.) I’m starting to think my skin is too sensitive for this product.



Hey, I know it….thank goodness for full coverage make up right!!!!!



And there you have it folks!  I have been doing the cleansing routine daily.  I apply a moisturizer at night only or during the day if I am not wearing makeup.  If I wear makeup, I use a primer.


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