I Just Want To Feel My Scalp Again!!!!

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11 weeks people….I’ve had this big, thick, and curly hairfro!!!!! I just want to feel my scalp for a moment, even a second maybe?  The current temp dares me!  Why go through the grueling process of washing, deep conditioning, blow drying, and straightening my hair for hours just so it can sweat out???  But, my scalp? This isn’t about a length check, or seeing if I can get a relaxer look without the chemicals… I just want to feel my scalp and run my hands through my hair with ease…..(speaking gently and slowly)  For 11 weeks its’ been afro-bun, afro-bun, afro-bun, afro….well you get the idea.  Today is my wash and deep condition day.  It’s my chance to straighten my hair……to embrace the versatility natural hair provides! I’m not disappointed in myself about breaking the challenge, any delay in heat is an achievement!  (confidence is building….) I know in the end, only one thing will deter my decision to decide to flat iron and keep me on this no direct heat challenge……….LAZINESS. 

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