Part IV – Church of Christ vs Denominationalism

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If you are just finding this blog, I encourage you to read the blogs prior to this one. If you have any questions regarding the posts you have read, click the contact me link on the page, and I will try my best to help you. I am not a minister, preacher, or deacon, etc. I am just a servant trying to make my calling and my election sure. I am trying to learn and understand truth just like you! Today’s final blog on the above topic:

The Safe Thing For Us To Do Today….
Since the apostles did not join any denomination, but were just members of the church which Jesus built; and since they did not encourage their converts to divide into denominations so they could have the church of their choice; and, since Paul condemned that very thing when it was starting in Corinth; and, since Jesus prayed that it might never be in this world, but that those who believe in him through the words of the apostles might be one as he and the Father are one; since these things are true, what should you and I do about the matter? What is the safe thing to do? Let the world disregard these New Testament examples and principles if it will, but as for me and mine, we will do just what the apostles taught people to do to be saved and let the Lord “add” us to the same church to which he added those people in the long ago; we will not “join” anything the apostles did not join and did not encourage others to join, and which Paul condemned at Corinth.

Denominations come into existence when people do more or less than the Lord directs; to do just what he commands, no more and no less, makes churches of Christ! If you would like more information, click the “spiritually blessed” link on this blog. Thank you.

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