Month: October 2013

Yummy to my tummy

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Yummy to my tummy

This is just a Pilsbury double fudge cake mix in a bundt pan. The cake comes out so much moister to me in the bundt cake form. Not sure why? Maybe it is mental, but anyway the chocolate drizzle was made using the nestle semisweet bar, and I added milk to help it pour!


Happy 41st Birthday To Me!

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Wow…didn’t I just have a 40TH birthday guys!! Time is fleeing! Actually, my birthday is tomorrow, but I have so many questions now that I am in my fourties….like, how will I know I’m having hot flashes? I should have been using a wrinkle cream in my thirties right? I think I read we become more constipated?????? Gosh! Who believes everything they read anyway!! My own personal goals are to grow more in the Lord, continue to rear my children up in a way that is pleasing to God, and try to be a better me over all!! Just me personally people, I absolutely love when the younger people respond to me by saying “yes, ma’am”! I don’t have a problem at all getting older, I just want to look good doing it! To all you October babies…..HAPPY BIRTHDAY GUYS!!!

The Facts:
Wife: 20 years
Mother of Four:
age 19
age 13
age 8
age 7
Homemaker: since 1998 – present
Favorite Foods: Pizza! Never get tired of it!
Hobbies: Photography and printing
Regrets: I never learned how to swim 😦
Strengths: I’ve never been a follower
Thoughts on age: nothing but a number….

My Go To Face Favorites

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makeup 001

Clinique powder blush in “new clover” eye shadows in “strawberry” and “slate”
Lipstick by Fashion Fair in V.I.P.
my kabuki brush by E.L.F.
Foundation by Fashion Fair in “Pure Brown”
Lipgloss by Loreal in “Rich nude” (I bought 3 of these..hard to find!)
Cover Girl’s 24 hour Lashblast in black
Black Radiance Concealer Stick
E.L.F. Primer
Fashion Fair loose powder in “Pure Brown”
I like the neutral look I achieve from the above selections.


Don’t Hate…..

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No. For real people. Don’t leave any hateful comments. I’m thinking that twist outs just aren’t for me. I know what you’re thinking, “It’s not that bad…” (in your I feel so sorry for her voice) Here’s the problem. When I take down the twist, I’m getting excited because it looks defined and errthang….as I try to separate though…hot mess. (I didn’t post any pics of it separated..) My hair always end up looking like I just woke up. I honestly believe I have trained my hair to only look good when I pincurl twist it because no matter how much I fluff and pull on that hairstyle it works! So, to all you ladies who have mastered that twist out…..props to you hun. I’m just not feeling this one here….photo 1

photo 2

My old faithful pincurl twist….IMG_1660

I Refuse To Quit!

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I have been trying to do twist out, after twist out, after twist out, after twist out!! Unfortunately, all I have gotten is failed, failed, failed,….well, a fail! 😦 I went searching on youtube for wash n go’s. I figured, hey, why not? Wash n go should be pretty easy right? Okaaaay….then I come across dearnaptural85. Now, I am not new to her, but I came across an old video before her hair was as long as it is now!!! She did a wash n go twistout?( called it a winter wash n go.

So anyway….I decided to go for the twist out one more time people!! Here is how I look now, photo (2)

I will let the twist stay in overnight, and who knows….