Happy 41st Birthday To Me!

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Wow…didn’t I just have a 40TH birthday guys!! Time is fleeing! Actually, my birthday is tomorrow, but I have so many questions now that I am in my fourties….like, how will I know I’m having hot flashes? I should have been using a wrinkle cream in my thirties right? I think I read we become more constipated?????? Gosh! Who believes everything they read anyway!! My own personal goals are to grow more in the Lord, continue to rear my children up in a way that is pleasing to God, and try to be a better me over all!! Just me personally people, I absolutely love when the younger people respond to me by saying “yes, ma’am”! I don’t have a problem at all getting older, I just want to look good doing it! To all you October babies…..HAPPY BIRTHDAY GUYS!!!

The Facts:
Wife: 20 years
Mother of Four:
age 19
age 13
age 8
age 7
Homemaker: since 1998 – present
Favorite Foods: Pizza! Never get tired of it!
Hobbies: Photography and printing
Regrets: I never learned how to swim 😦
Strengths: I’ve never been a follower
Thoughts on age: nothing but a number….

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