Back In The Game

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So, the weather is changing, and that means my hair routine needs attention as well. I’ve decided to bring back my “night before wash pre-poo”. Whew that was long! So, the night before wash day, I will soak my hair in coconut oil (just my preference) when I run out of that, I’ll just use any cheap conditioner. I wrap my hair in a plastic cap and scarf til the next morning (wash day). I am currently using Silk Elements Olive Oil moisturizing shampoo. No special reason, it was just on sale. I will not repurchase when I run out. (which should be a while) Lately, I have not been faithful to any one product, just whatever is on sale. I decided to try L’Oreal Evercreme Deep Nourishing Masque though as my deep conditioner. This runs about six bucks for 5oz. I’ve heard good things, and the only negative….price and jar size. I mean, it is pretty small. The consistency of the product is very thick though. I tilted the jar for this pic, and it didn’t budge.

loreal loreal2

I’ve been giving my hair a break from the hair color, but when I do decide to color, I will be trying the Clairol Perfect10 by Nice & Easy. It’s supposedly only takes 10 minutes for long-lasting coverage.


Not making any promises, but Lord willing I will try and post pics of the results! Blog later guys.


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