BH Cosmetics

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I’ve heard so much about this makeup line that I decided to go to the site for myself and check it out. ( ) I get there and foundation is on sale for 3.95 each! So, I purchase the foundation and a makeup primer (on sale for 12.00) My color is in deep ebony. It arrived today, so I washed my Fashion Fair off, (which is expensive and trying to find a cheaper alternative)I opened the package, and I tried it on for the first time, and I’m wondering if I should purchase more or wait?? I forgot to apply the primer (bummer) I will tell you, I don’t even feel like there is anything on my face though.


However, I am deeply concerned because my under eye bags….what’s that about? I’m wondering if I didn’t apply enough when I highlighted???? I don’t know. So, the goal though is to look like I am barely wearing anything. I think it looks pretty natural? Original price for the foundation when not on sale is 9.00. I don’t know.. may just be one of those things I’ll consider a steal for the time being. sigh……Has anyone tried the Kat Von D foundation? I’ve heard raving reviews about that one!! But the price, whew!

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