My New Adventure

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So for my daughter’s 9th birthday, she asked me could she have an American Girl doll.  I’m like…”What’s that?”  Yes, I am out of the loop when it comes to dolls.  So I go online, and almost fall out of my chair….why are these dolls so expensive???  My daughter is an all “E” student and has never missed an honor roll, and honestly we don’t buy them a lot of toys. So, I tell her lets ask daddy.  (which means, “yes”) 

Here’s the deal…..I’m explaining to her that when we get the doll, the accessories will not be an option.  So, she pretty much will just be playing with the doll.  I go online and see all these ADORABLE outfits and such for the doll.  I think to myself, this is so sad that companies try to make these things so out of reach for some people.  The whole fun of dolls is to dress up and accessorize.  So, since I already have an eBay store, why not learn to make my own American Girl clothes?  That’s exactly what I’ve been doing thanks to my mom, and the partnership with Liberty Jane clothing.  You know what, I have actually sold my first dress!  I practice so much until my neck hurts!! lol.  I have prayed on my new endeavor, and no one is trying to get or come up with a “get rich quick” scheme, but I hope that my vision helps little girls everywhere create their own American Girl.  If you would like to check out my items, which are slow at the moment, but a work in progress 🙂 do an advanced search on eBay by seller and enter- cys2010.   The items are sized for American Girl or any 18 inch doll wear. Make sure you check back to eBay often as I will be uploading my 4th of July inspired wear. Happy Bidding!!




One thought on “My New Adventure

    moxox247 said:
    April 6, 2014 at 8:02 pm

    Hey great post I really enjoyed it if you can could you possibly check out mine you won’t regret it 😉 thanks !!

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