Month: May 2014

A Blog of Its’ Own

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Hey all! I have started a separate blog for my sewing! Yes, I am still at it, so are the sales on ebay! I’m still new at all this, but I am trying to stay with it. This week’s outfit…ebay 003

The stripes were tricky, but you live and learn. The next time Lord willing, the band on the dress will be solid if paired with strips or any figures! (too dizzy) lol….My craft blog?


Panda Who?

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Ok, so my fam has been on this oriental kick right…..Nobody has time or funds to be making Panda Express rich, so what do I do….? You betcha! I bought a 6.00 pack of steak and cut it into strips. Let the strips marinate in teriyaki sauce in fridge. Flour the strips while oil is heating, and then fry for literally seconds… toss with some peppers, onions, and scallions. After veggies get a little cooked add your mandarin sauce.

ebay 008

ebay 011