Month: June 2014

Henna, Again.

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Took 2 hours for henna to sit after mixing. Took 2 Hours to sit on my hair after applied.

The Look: Air dried with perm rods.



Today’s Look

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Off to my son’s award ceremony! My lighting is horrible! Makes the photos look so unnatural looking, or maybe it is the flash on my cell? but anyway….. I always apply a moisturizer to my skin before priming. Just keeping it simple today.

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Still Natural

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Just a little update peeps!  Hi guys, I know it’s been a while, but I haven’t been doing or trying anything new with my hair.  The last thing I have done was when I did the “major” trim on it.  I am still rocking the curly twist out.  I will say this, my staple product (meaning, I always come back to it)  Taliah Waajid Curling Cream .  It’s for my hair.  That’s all I can say.