Wide Awake

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Hello People…………..  It’s been a minute.


Foundation-Maybelline Fit Me

Undereye Concealer – Mac

Highlight and Face Powder – Ben Nye


Henna, Again.

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Took 2 hours for henna to sit after mixing. Took 2 Hours to sit on my hair after applied.

The Look: Air dried with perm rods.


My first henna process

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Yes, that’s right! I did my first henna application. I actually like it.


Now, I was using the Clairol Perfect 10, and I am still a fan! I just don’t understand why it isn’t sold “in” store. I have to constantly buy it online. So, I go to my local hairstore and came across this:


I was nervous of course, can my hair take this? Can you use it on already color treated hair? What if my hair falls out? You know the drill…..then I calm down and read the benefits:

thicker hair
temporary color
no harsh chemicals
natural relaxer for hair

So, I dived in and was sooooo nervous! LOL I am thinking what application takes this long?? Henna has to sit for an hour before applying, then after applying sit on hair for 1-3 hours!! Well, I chose the one hour and next time Lord willing, I’m going for the 2 hours! My hair felt like it was 3x thicker than normal, and soooooo soft! You have to do this every 2 to 4 weeks. I already purchased another henna application. The color I have been using is dark chocolate. One of the tips suggest adding coffee to the mixture for deeper results, and I did do that.

Here is what I learned, henna is not as intimidating as I first thought. It may not process in 10 minutes but quick isn’t always best right? I think the lengthy process was worth it. The cost (depending on where you go) $6 – $10 bucks (no shipping)


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The roller set came out excellent! Let me start by saying that I am fully convinced that these results were achieved, I solely believe on the L’Oreal Deep Conditioning Masque. Now, why do I say that? It is the only product that I used for the first time, and I roller set my hair all the time. Today, the hair was so soft and hydrated (like the product says) til it was unreal. I just sat with it on for about five minutes then rinsed. I felt the softness when I rinsed it out. I knew then the masque was doing its’ job. It had so much body, and I will not need to flat iron from root to tip, if I want to tame my roots, I will. I was so impressed that when I run out of my other shampoo, I will try the L’Oreal Ever Crème line. This was an absolute success. I did not use any setting lotion (I don’t feel the need to) I spray heat protectant on while hair is wet before roller setting. (silk results olive oil heat protectant spray)

bloghair 002 bloghair 003

I did use the Clairol Nice & Easy color system as well, and you know what? It was Perfect in 10, just like it said! My hair felt so clean, and it smelled amazing.

Foundation: Fashion Fair in Pure Brown- full coverage
Powder – Fashion Fair in Pure Brown
Lip color – Fashion Fair in “Rebel”

Back In The Game

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So, the weather is changing, and that means my hair routine needs attention as well. I’ve decided to bring back my “night before wash pre-poo”. Whew that was long! So, the night before wash day, I will soak my hair in coconut oil (just my preference) when I run out of that, I’ll just use any cheap conditioner. I wrap my hair in a plastic cap and scarf til the next morning (wash day). I am currently using Silk Elements Olive Oil moisturizing shampoo. No special reason, it was just on sale. I will not repurchase when I run out. (which should be a while) Lately, I have not been faithful to any one product, just whatever is on sale. I decided to try L’Oreal Evercreme Deep Nourishing Masque though as my deep conditioner. This runs about six bucks for 5oz. I’ve heard good things, and the only negative….price and jar size. I mean, it is pretty small. The consistency of the product is very thick though. I tilted the jar for this pic, and it didn’t budge.

loreal loreal2

I’ve been giving my hair a break from the hair color, but when I do decide to color, I will be trying the Clairol Perfect10 by Nice & Easy. It’s supposedly only takes 10 minutes for long-lasting coverage.


Not making any promises, but Lord willing I will try and post pics of the results! Blog later guys.

I Refuse To Quit!

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I have been trying to do twist out, after twist out, after twist out, after twist out!! Unfortunately, all I have gotten is failed, failed, failed,….well, a fail! 😦 I went searching on youtube for wash n go’s. I figured, hey, why not? Wash n go should be pretty easy right? Okaaaay….then I come across dearnaptural85. Now, I am not new to her, but I came across an old video before her hair was as long as it is now!!! She did a wash n go twistout?( called it a winter wash n go.

So anyway….I decided to go for the twist out one more time people!! Here is how I look now, photo (2)

I will let the twist stay in overnight, and who knows….

M.I.A. – Report

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curljelly_lHey loves, I know it has been a minute right?! I have been working on my photography skills, entering photo contest, and just trying to learn how to use the many features on my DSLR. However, I am back, and I am going to post a review on the Curls Unleashed Curl Boosting Jelly. Now, before I bash this product, I am going to give it the benefit of the doubt and say, maybe it is me.??? Perhaps I applied it wrong, or perhaps I put too much. I don’t know, but can you say dry, dry, and more drying!! I mean really…… This product retails for $16, and to me, that is too much money to be disappointed. So, what I will do is help it out. I will apply some kind of cream or maybe castor oil to my hair before applying, but it definitely is not a “use alone” product like the instructions say. Talk about drying, and there was no shine whatsoever. Has anyone ever used this product? Did I miss something? Let me know. I will post how my second try comes out. In the meantime, this product makes the following claim:

Curls Unleashed™ Set it Off™ Curl Boosting Jelly is made with soothing aloe vera, wheat protein, vitamin B and other ingredients to help give you gorgeous, “crunchless” curl definition.

• Defines curls without the crunch
• Helps eliminate frizz
• Provides all day hold

This product helps eliminate frizz without making your hair feel hard or crunchy. Great for all types of hair. This product is free of SD alcohol, parabens & mineral oil. Packaging is BPA free and recyclable