Wide Awake

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Hello People…………..  It’s been a minute.


Foundation-Maybelline Fit Me

Undereye Concealer – Mac

Highlight and Face Powder – Ben Nye


Ben Nye and Fit Me

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Decided to change up my foundation and powder.  Fashion Fair has proven to be just a little too heavy.  I opted to try Maybelline Fit Me in 360 and Ben Nye’s Translucent Powder in Chestnut.  For under eye highlighting, Ben Nye’s Topaz (always lighter than your normal shade)  Ben  Nye is theatrical makeup, and it is suppose to withstand sweating and lots of heat from lighting.  I think it looks pretty natural

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Today’s Look

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Off to my son’s award ceremony! My lighting is horrible! Makes the photos look so unnatural looking, or maybe it is the flash on my cell? but anyway….. I always apply a moisturizer to my skin before priming. Just keeping it simple today.

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Still Natural

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Just a little update peeps!  Hi guys, I know it’s been a while, but I haven’t been doing or trying anything new with my hair.  The last thing I have done was when I did the “major” trim on it.  I am still rocking the curly twist out.  I will say this, my staple product (meaning, I always come back to it)  Taliah Waajid Curling Cream .  It’s for my hair.  That’s all I can say.

BH Cosmetics

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I’ve heard so much about this makeup line that I decided to go to the site for myself and check it out. ( ) I get there and foundation is on sale for 3.95 each! So, I purchase the foundation and a makeup primer (on sale for 12.00) My color is in deep ebony. It arrived today, so I washed my Fashion Fair off, (which is expensive and trying to find a cheaper alternative)I opened the package, and I tried it on for the first time, and I’m wondering if I should purchase more or wait?? I forgot to apply the primer (bummer) I will tell you, I don’t even feel like there is anything on my face though.


However, I am deeply concerned because my under eye bags….what’s that about? I’m wondering if I didn’t apply enough when I highlighted???? I don’t know. So, the goal though is to look like I am barely wearing anything. I think it looks pretty natural? Original price for the foundation when not on sale is 9.00. I don’t know.. may just be one of those things I’ll consider a steal for the time being. sigh……Has anyone tried the Kat Von D foundation? I’ve heard raving reviews about that one!! But the price, whew!

My first henna process

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Yes, that’s right! I did my first henna application. I actually like it.


Now, I was using the Clairol Perfect 10, and I am still a fan! I just don’t understand why it isn’t sold “in” store. I have to constantly buy it online. So, I go to my local hairstore and came across this:


I was nervous of course, can my hair take this? Can you use it on already color treated hair? What if my hair falls out? You know the drill…..then I calm down and read the benefits:

thicker hair
temporary color
no harsh chemicals
natural relaxer for hair

So, I dived in and was sooooo nervous! LOL I am thinking what application takes this long?? Henna has to sit for an hour before applying, then after applying sit on hair for 1-3 hours!! Well, I chose the one hour and next time Lord willing, I’m going for the 2 hours! My hair felt like it was 3x thicker than normal, and soooooo soft! You have to do this every 2 to 4 weeks. I already purchased another henna application. The color I have been using is dark chocolate. One of the tips suggest adding coffee to the mixture for deeper results, and I did do that.

Here is what I learned, henna is not as intimidating as I first thought. It may not process in 10 minutes but quick isn’t always best right? I think the lengthy process was worth it. The cost (depending on where you go) $6 – $10 bucks (no shipping)


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The roller set came out excellent! Let me start by saying that I am fully convinced that these results were achieved, I solely believe on the L’Oreal Deep Conditioning Masque. Now, why do I say that? It is the only product that I used for the first time, and I roller set my hair all the time. Today, the hair was so soft and hydrated (like the product says) til it was unreal. I just sat with it on for about five minutes then rinsed. I felt the softness when I rinsed it out. I knew then the masque was doing its’ job. It had so much body, and I will not need to flat iron from root to tip, if I want to tame my roots, I will. I was so impressed that when I run out of my other shampoo, I will try the L’Oreal Ever Crème line. This was an absolute success. I did not use any setting lotion (I don’t feel the need to) I spray heat protectant on while hair is wet before roller setting. (silk results olive oil heat protectant spray)

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I did use the Clairol Nice & Easy color system as well, and you know what? It was Perfect in 10, just like it said! My hair felt so clean, and it smelled amazing.

Foundation: Fashion Fair in Pure Brown- full coverage
Powder – Fashion Fair in Pure Brown
Lip color – Fashion Fair in “Rebel”