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A Blog of Its’ Own

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Hey all! I have started a separate blog for my sewing! Yes, I am still at it, so are the sales on ebay! I’m still new at all this, but I am trying to stay with it. This week’s outfit…ebay 003

The stripes were tricky, but you live and learn. The next time Lord willing, the band on the dress will be solid if paired with strips or any figures! (too dizzy) lol….My craft blog? http://www.handsewnfashionfordolls.wordpress.com

My New Adventure

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So for my daughter’s 9th birthday, she asked me could she have an American Girl doll.  I’m like…”What’s that?”  Yes, I am out of the loop when it comes to dolls.  So I go online, and almost fall out of my chair….why are these dolls so expensive???  My daughter is an all “E” student and has never missed an honor roll, and honestly we don’t buy them a lot of toys. So, I tell her lets ask daddy.  (which means, “yes”) 

Here’s the deal…..I’m explaining to her that when we get the doll, the accessories will not be an option.  So, she pretty much will just be playing with the doll.  I go online and see all these ADORABLE outfits and such for the doll.  I think to myself, this is so sad that companies try to make these things so out of reach for some people.  The whole fun of dolls is to dress up and accessorize.  So, since I already have an eBay store, why not learn to make my own American Girl clothes?  That’s exactly what I’ve been doing thanks to my mom, and the partnership with Liberty Jane clothing.  You know what, I have actually sold my first dress!  I practice so much until my neck hurts!! lol.  I have prayed on my new endeavor, and no one is trying to get or come up with a “get rich quick” scheme, but I hope that my vision helps little girls everywhere create their own American Girl.  If you would like to check out my items, which are slow at the moment, but a work in progress 🙂 do an advanced search on eBay by seller and enter- cys2010.   The items are sized for American Girl or any 18 inch doll wear. Make sure you check back to eBay often as I will be uploading my 4th of July inspired wear. Happy Bidding!!




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The roller set came out excellent! Let me start by saying that I am fully convinced that these results were achieved, I solely believe on the L’Oreal Deep Conditioning Masque. Now, why do I say that? It is the only product that I used for the first time, and I roller set my hair all the time. Today, the hair was so soft and hydrated (like the product says) til it was unreal. I just sat with it on for about five minutes then rinsed. I felt the softness when I rinsed it out. I knew then the masque was doing its’ job. It had so much body, and I will not need to flat iron from root to tip, if I want to tame my roots, I will. I was so impressed that when I run out of my other shampoo, I will try the L’Oreal Ever Crème line. This was an absolute success. I did not use any setting lotion (I don’t feel the need to) I spray heat protectant on while hair is wet before roller setting. (silk results olive oil heat protectant spray)

bloghair 002 bloghair 003

I did use the Clairol Nice & Easy color system as well, and you know what? It was Perfect in 10, just like it said! My hair felt so clean, and it smelled amazing.

Foundation: Fashion Fair in Pure Brown- full coverage
Powder – Fashion Fair in Pure Brown
Lip color – Fashion Fair in “Rebel”

Back In The Game

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So, the weather is changing, and that means my hair routine needs attention as well. I’ve decided to bring back my “night before wash pre-poo”. Whew that was long! So, the night before wash day, I will soak my hair in coconut oil (just my preference) when I run out of that, I’ll just use any cheap conditioner. I wrap my hair in a plastic cap and scarf til the next morning (wash day). I am currently using Silk Elements Olive Oil moisturizing shampoo. No special reason, it was just on sale. I will not repurchase when I run out. (which should be a while) Lately, I have not been faithful to any one product, just whatever is on sale. I decided to try L’Oreal Evercreme Deep Nourishing Masque though as my deep conditioner. This runs about six bucks for 5oz. I’ve heard good things, and the only negative….price and jar size. I mean, it is pretty small. The consistency of the product is very thick though. I tilted the jar for this pic, and it didn’t budge.

loreal loreal2

I’ve been giving my hair a break from the hair color, but when I do decide to color, I will be trying the Clairol Perfect10 by Nice & Easy. It’s supposedly only takes 10 minutes for long-lasting coverage.


Not making any promises, but Lord willing I will try and post pics of the results! Blog later guys.

Salon Nails at Home

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So, I’m trying to get better at this manicure thing. I invested in a manicure & pedicure system. Tested it out very quickly today, and it’s okay. I figured I’d learn what I’m doing before investing in a more serious system.
mani mani2