Month: May 2013

You Got Ten Bucks? Then You’ve Got Dinner!

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Tonight it’s Cream of Chicken and Rice!  Guess what?  Can you say under 10 bucks? Oh yeh!  Here we go: I used a pack of chicken breasts with the bone.  You get three to a pack for less than five dollars, but listen, the breasts are huge!  We are going to make this feed 6.  You heard me, six.  Season the chicken with salt and pepper.  I add a lil broth or water in the pan to help keep it moist. Bake at 350.  The chicken will be a nice golden brown and the juices should run clear when done.  Set the chicken aside to cool because we are going to make it into 6 pieces!  I open a can of whole green beans (2/1.25), drain, add the left over bacon pieces from the night before and butter, and you’re done!  I boil a cup and a half of white rice (1.09 per bag)(you can use brown) I replace the water you boil with chicken broth.  Now, after the rice has finished boiling, let it sit for a minute or two.  Take your chicken breasts and cut them all in half.  It’s even better if pieces of chicken break off into the pan.  It doesn’t have to be perfect.  Take the rice and dump it all over the chicken.  Take a can of Campbell’s cream of chicken and put into a bowl, fill the can with bottled water and pour into mixture and stir until well blended. Pour all over the chicken and rice, then bake for about 10 minutes at 350.  Think we’re done?  We still have money for cornbread!  Take two packs of cornbread mix (3/1.00) make according to package, (if you have it on hand) add chopped jalapenos, about 1/4c sugar, and about two green onions (3bunches/1.00).  Bake according to pkg. and that’s it! !  Enjoy!

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