Month: June 2012

Curls Unleashed..Perhaps?

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Today was my wash day, so I did my normal prepoo last night with coconut oil and covered my head with a plastic cap til morning. I did my aztec clay treatment on my hair and shampooed out. I applied my deep conditioner and let sit. Later, I rinsed out, applied my leave-ins and rollerset my hair. When it dried, I applied the Curls Unleashed pudding (and that’s exactly what it feels like) and then I pin twisted my hair up.


I will use it a few more times before making a decision on it. As for now…..well, no comment.


Product up for Review

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Curls Unleashed™ Take Command™ Curl Crème helps shine, define and moisturize your curls without shrinkage. This product is great for twists, twist outs, coiling, freestyles and updos.

• Moisturizes
• Defines Curls
• Anti-Shrinkage
• No Flaking

This product does not flake and stretches your curls. The Take Command Curl Crème also does not contain petrolatum, mineral oil, SD alcohol, or parabens. Packaging is BPA free and recyclable.

Save Room For Dessert!

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My son made dessert for us tonight. I was getting ready to throw away some old bread, and I thought maybe my son can come up with a way to utilize this bread? So, he made a chocolate bread pudding. That’s right, chocolate! This is one of those recipes you can truly make your own. I have never eaten bread pudding in my life! If I had to describe my sons’ pudding, it is extremely moist, I would put more chocolate!! lol, it tastes like a warm chocolate molten cake if you’ve ever had one. A molten cake is the cake that has the chocolate fudge inside and runs out when you break into it. That’s just my opinion. I think he did a great job!

Day IV

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So, it is the fourth day since I started my facial regimen by Fashion Fair. Let me tell you, it is definitely a challenge to keep up! Morning and night, clarify, cleanse, tone, and moisturize. I have to monitor how my skin reacts to the products to make sure I don’t breakout from it. I notice when I get to the toner it stings in some areas??? I wonder how long should I give it before deciding if it is a keeper or not? I don’t want to re-invest in a product just to be doing something! By-the-way, thank you guys for being so supportive of my blog! I appreciate all the positive comments and suggestions. So, I will check back later to let you all know how the skin care is coming along. I will also give the exact names of the products I am using by Fashion Fair just in case you’re interested. How long should I use the product before deciding if it is a winner? What do you think?

Day 1

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Hi bloggers! Praise God for another day. I am really blessed to wake up to my beautiful family. Thursday, my husband gave us a scare. He passed out due to heat exhaustion. It was very scary, but God said “not yet”. We are so thankful! Today, I woke up and tried my hand at the facial regimen via Fashion Fair. I did every step, and I have to tell you the foaming wash is so creamy! I feel pretty just from the foam wash. LOL I will be honest with you, I am kind of wondering, “will I keep this up everyday?” If it will help these dark blotches, I’m gonna sure try!! A little goes a long way too. I hope it was worth the purchase, but again, this is just Day 1. This year if God says the same, I will be turning the big 4-0. You know what? I can’t wait.

Makeup 101

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Today I decided to go and meet with a beauty consultant at Macy’s.  Why?  Well, I’m not a makeup guru.  Even though people compliment me on my makeup, I really don’t know what I’m doing.  My skin, as I have said before, is absolutely horrible.  It is also extremly oily.  I needed some clarification on the issue.  It took an hour, and I must say I learned so much.  I am a Fashion Fair and Flori Roberts user.  The problem?  Flori Roberts is almost extinct in my zip code.  Fashion Fair is barely there!  I was walking around and a nice makup artist for Lancome was nice enough to direct me to the small, but professionallly put together Fashion Fair counter in Macy’s.  She told me she would normally just try and sale me her items,(lol) but I was persistant, see, Fashion Fair in my opinion, is professional makeup without the hefty price.  Sure, I passed by MAC, Bobbi Brown, Clinique, and Chanel but…. “no way”.  Now, was I out of my current makeup?  Well, that’s complicated.  See, I found out makeup has a shelf life of 2 years.  The problem?  My makeup is probably over 4 years maybe????  I also found out makeup can grow bacateria and so can the brushes you use to apply it.  Well, I won’t even tell you how old the brushes are.  In a way, I was out of makeup. So, I trashed it all.  I was taught the difference between liquid foundation and souffle.  Liquid is not for me, it has to be used with a concealer.  I need a “full-coverage” make up because I have so many dark spots.  I also got a lesson in which brushes are for what.  I have also been put on a facial regimen.  You know, the kind where you have step 1, then 2, then 3 and so on. I purchased the one-step clarifying cleaner for removing my makeup, the foaming cleanser for washing my face, the toner for balancing dry and oily skin, and then the night time moisturizer. It wasn’t cheap for today’s purchase, but again, I had to restock everything, and I am now going to do a facial regimen.  But future purchases will be much more attractive with fashion fair averaging 20.00 compared to the MAC and Bobbie Brown’s 60 and 80.00!!!  So, here’s to better skin and less breakouts on a budget!!

And That’s A Wrap!

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So we did the Six Flags Over Texas! I took this photo because I was not bold enough to get on the ride shown, so I just captured it instead! lol  I had to zoom in for the photo, and I think the Canon did a pretty good job.  So, we ate, and we ate.  Surprisingly, no one puked on the rides.

My lil one told me however, that after riding his “thrill” ride, he thought he was going to throw up.  He held it down though!

It was tons of walking, and that worked out great considering all the eating we did! lol It was a joyous time, and I think the kids will cherish it.  According to our lil ones, my husband was named “Best dad ever!”