Month: April 2012

The transformation

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So, after washing out the clay and doing my twist out, this was the result. Hair felt really thick but very clean. This was much more pleasing to do than the henna treatment I tried!



In The Raw

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Just thought it only right to let you see my hair before it goes through it’s transformation? I know, scary right? So, today I will be doing my Aztec Indian clay treatment on my hair and face.

All washed out!

Will posts the finished look tomorrow Lord willing. Til next time bloggers!

Just keeping you posted

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Hey guys! I know it’s been a minute,but by the grace of God, I am still thriving. No flat ironing and loving it. I have also become better at defining my daughter’s twist out and braidouts. The secret……(yeh, I could be so late)MOISTURE! LOTS OF IT!! When I am applying the curly pudding, I am lightly spritzing her hair with water. This provides such a better form to her twists. Also, the longer you leave in the twists (like….days) the better they look as well. I am really enjoying being natural. I can truly say there is no “hype” motivation behind it. Meaning, I am doing this because I have really embraced it for myself and not because it seems like the latest trend. I feel “real”, I feel “unique” and blessed. It’s a blessing to see the beauty in what God has naturally provided for us. I am trying to teach my daughter the same thing. I hope she is listening!